Small Grey Outline Pointer breaststroke me nagisa

hello yes this is me peter and wendy! (i know i look baD IT WAS HOT AS FUCK LEAVE ME ALONE) when i went up to go talk to them wendy asked what my name was and of course i told them (its sarah btw) and peter asked “you must read a bunch of books huh?!” me being me i said “what” he said “because you look allΒ readΒ out!” i go “aha very funny peter!!! even my shoes are red today!” he then kneeled and said “is that supposed t be a tree? it looks like a claw!” (because i made shoes based on one of my favorite albums everΒ 

ah yes here it is) and i said “yeah it really does look like a claw we should make funny faces and do the claw thing!” and thats what we did (first picture) and yeah thats basically all that happened ur welcome

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